Her thought is freedom, not idle, and invests creative knowledge in its many declinations of art, architecture and design. And as a free element, each title would be restrictive for Cristina: high school teacher, art historian, university researcher and cultural reference for museum institutions.

She trained at the University of Cagliari where a degree in literature was followed by a specialization in Art History and a PhD in Technologies for the Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage. For over ten years she has been involved in teaching, educational services, promotion and enhancement for the Civic Museums of Cagliari. She collaborates with national bodies, associations and institutions that deal with cultural heritage including the “Il Correggio” Foundation, of which she is a member of the scientific committee. She has authored several publications and speaks at conventions and conferences in the fields of art and architectural history.

Comitato scientifico

Pensare per fare...

Think to do