Think to do, reflect to create… slogan and soul of this project, born with the intention to bring about a collaboration between designers and artisans jointly rewriting a new semantics of the objects.

The proposals submitted to the competition must be able to tell a story about the idea (think), the process (to do), the materials used and provide the interpretation of a new approach capable of developing high quality contemporary products.

and innovation

The Sardegna Design Award is the first international design award that explores the topic of Sardinian craftsmanship, the local entrepreneurial production, the art and the innovation of the Sardinian heritage.

A necessary in-depth analysis for the creation of products of high design, capable of confronting itself with the local culture and know-how, and developing new ideas with a cosmopolitan spirit.


Educating citizens on the value of work, conservation and respect for the environment is the vision of this project, which is at the center of a complex and multifaceted dialogue with local realities to build new social ethics.


Identity and innovation of craftsmanship, the enhancement of enterprises and the creative process for new artisanal productions that can be exported around the world constitute the mission of the Sardegna Design Award, which aspires to become a biennial appointment of reference for creativity and good practice.

The origins of the project

The present planet Earth emergency and the population decline emergency in Sardinia are the warp and weft of the project ‘Intrecci’(weaving) and the Sardegna Design Award, a proposal originating from a double vision conceived on one side by the project manager and mayor of Masullas Ennio Vacca, and on the artistic and conceptual side by the designer and the architect Jari Franceschetto. Like a spider web, the two projects create one connection amongst social aspects, the environmental aspects linked to biodiversity protection, the safeguarding of natural resources and the re-use of waste; cultural aspects such as conservation and development of traditional knowledge.Only by transforming known cultural models, theoretical systems and our value hierarchies can we ​​attempt to give a concrete answer to local and international problems.

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