In territorial design, the function of the product (the knife for cutting or the lamp for lighting) loses importance compared to the more meaningful ability to convey values. [...] The consecration as a typical product (agent of local identity, marker) leads to its cultural legitimisation, to elevate it as a sign and vestige [...] capable of evoking feelings, emotions and memories.Raffaella Fagnoni, About wine. Design, tourism and territories, in Area n. 157/2018 p.18-25

Architect, she has been a full professor at the Iuav University of Venice since December 2019, where she teaches in the Design Laboratories. She previously worked at the University of Genoa, Department of Architecture and Design, where she was a lecturer, researcher, coordinator of the master's degree course in Product and Event Design and coordinator of the PhD in Design. She has also engaged in teaching and research activities at other non-European universities (Teheran and Beijing). She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Design Society (SID).Her research activity spans across four thematic areas: 1. Social, well-being, health; 2. territory, identity, culture; 3. recycling, reuse, processes, environment; 4. social innovation, making/haking, services, participation. She often operates and engages at the boundaries of the discipline and in activities aimed at experimenting with teaching and collaboration models. Among her most significant experiences is the research Me.Design.Strategies, tools and operations of industrial design to enhance and strengthen the resources of the Mediterranean area between local and global, (Miur 2002-2004) which generated many other subsequent activities; the Re-Cycle Italy Research (Miur Prin 2012-16), the Cambio Via Research (Interreg Regione Liguria 2019- 2021) aimed at internal territories, at the small communities that inhabit them, studying and activating valorisation processes. She has been responsible for over 30 research projects on behalf of third parties, for public or private institutions and has authored over 100 publications.Email:

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